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The ventilation process represents the 20% of a complete plant, for the drying process as well as for the kiln and having an optimal ventilation system means obtaining a top-quality final product. AAK has been designing fans for kiln for over ten years, working side by side with a partner leader in the ventilation field, with more than thirty years of experience. Our range of fans is assorted and flexible: we can realise customised fans, providing the specific solution which suits best the plant’s exigencies; we also offer optimal solution to replace the existent fans with intervention as less invasive as possible.


Our fans are made with resistant materials, laser-cut with last generation numerical control systems. We can provide fans in special steel, anti-acid and sulfur.

  • DELIVERY from 120 to over 300.000 mc/h
  • PRESSURE from 5 to over 5.000 kgf/mc
  • INSTALLED POWER from  0.18 to over 500 kW