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AAK dryer is the result of more than 10 years of experience acquired in the field of heavy clay. The drying process is considered the main feature of the plant and getting a perfect drying means having an excellent product. By studying the drying process most in use these days, we managed to design and realize the most efficient and innovative system. We have modified, renovated and installed dryers in many countries of the world, becoming able to deal with any request that a client may have. The whole drying process is handled by a high-level IT system, which analyses the process in automatic mode. 


AAK dryers are entirely realized by our specialized staff in our establishment, with air-gas modulation system. The automatic predisposition to work in automatic mode allows a major control in consumption and a major efficiency of the machine, this without weighing down the temperature required by the dryer. We installed our machines almost all over the world: from the Middle East, to North Africa, to South America.

  • Gas pressure at network Bar 0,2 ÷ 2
  • Gas pressure at burner Bar 0,04
  • Calorific value of methane Kcal/m³ 8.500
  • Burner potential Kcal/h 100.000 ÷ 10.000.000