Cutting Line  E-mail

It all starts from here: a precise and efficient cut allows to have an inferior quantity of material to discard and less interventions of maintenance on the machines.

AAK slug-cutter and cutter are realised with a unique system, employing top-quality material to create a solid and technologically-advanced machine that features an excellent cut quality and a less-expensive maintenance.

We also supply many optional (reporting wire breakage system, automatic cleaning rollers system, movable wire system…etc.) to be installed on the machine, to fastener operations as: cut duration, wire replacement, wire and rolls cleaning, all without affecting the performance of the machine. AAK cutting line is realized with extreme care to detail and includes a group of sub-systems for constant machine-control.

We design personalized lines of different sizes of different production capacity and kind, to satisfy every exigency both of the client and of the plant.



  • Slug cutter
  • Multi wire cutter
  • Vertical cutter
  • Multipurpose cutter
  • Rotating cutter