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Coal Feeder

Solid-Combustible Feeder

AAK SERVICE solid-combustible feeders are modern and efficient combusiton system, to be employed in alternative to oil and gas, offering equivalent results with importnat handling savings.
Working in automatic mode, the feeder guarantees a good regulation of the kiln cooking system and, at the same time, the quantity regulation of feeding mixture for every machine. This allows an even combusiton all along the tunnel.
The regulation board receives the temperature signal from the thermocouple, compares it with the pre-set values and determine, via an iverter, the exact amount of combustible to be inserted in the pipes. The combustible is then taken from the stocking container put in the distribution system and sent to the feeders.

This feeder can work with all kind of solid combustibles having powder dimensions of +/- 0,3 mm and residual hunidity not superior to 5%.

Technical Standard Data

Combustible powder dimension:    mm 0,3
Max. Hunidity: UR 5 - 7%
Max. Delivery for pipe: Kg/h 11,6
Burning air pressure: mBar 60
Air delivery for pipe: mc/h 90
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